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  • Height: 13 "
  • Width: 22¼ "
  • Depth: 22¼ "
  • Weight: 10 lb
  • Maximum weight load: 276 lb


SALTO is a corrected leather made from South American cow hides. Cow hides have a nice fullness and feel which ensures a soft leather. SALTO leather has been sanded down, maintaining 25% of its natural grain, and corrected. The look is rustic offering an exclusive and inviting appearance with an exquisite seating comfort, making it well suited for large soft surfaces. Ideal if you who want a uniform look and easy maintenance. Perfect for families with children or pets.


  • Composition: Corrected leather, 25% natural grain, 1,2mm thick (average)
  • Frame: Chipboard, solid wood, cardboard
  • Seat: 35 kg/m3 CA HR foam

Bermuda ottoman

SKU: 498690400966
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